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Oct 12
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The Best Underlayment for Each Type of Flooring

Underlayment is a layer of a thin material installed between the top layer of the finished floor and the subfloor at the bottom. It is used to cover the imperfections in the subfloor and provide support to the floor cove […]

Feb 17
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Key Differences between Underlays and Underpads

Most of people focus only on the type and quality of the floorings in their home. Very few of them understand the importance of what’s beneath them.  There are two different types of material that can be used, underlays […]

Aug 20
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Underlayment: The Diversified Types and Their Advantages

All of us had imagined lovely things for our home even as kids. All of us had visualized our office with glamorous floors, when we were in school. All of us have spent crawling and falling on the floor of our bedrooms […]