Superior Northern Red Oak Original Natural


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A popular and attractive looking shade tree, the Northern Red Oak can be found on suburban streets across the North American continent. The Red Oak, has a natural colour variation and is quite grainy with more open grain patterns. If you like your wood grainy and want lots of colour options, the oak is for you. If you want a red hue, the red oak is less expensive than the Cherry. The Northern Red Oak has the widest colour selection of all species. This oak tree stains very easily giving you lots of colour options.

Superior’s Original Series hardwood is what put the name Superior Hardwood Flooring at the very forefront of the competitive hardwood flooring industry. Original Series flooring is a brand synonymous with excellence and has a reputation of quality that is widely recognized throughout the local market and beyond. Available in several grade options according to variations in the wood’s natural colour, and available in low sheen or semi-gloss finishes.

Grades: Select & Better is the highest standard grade of flooring available in the industry and has an excellent, clean, visual appearance. Each floor board will look very similar to the next, creating an overall uniform look and feel. Our Select & Better Grade is a combination of clear grade (30%) and select grade (70%). You will notice very minimal variation in the natural sapwood colour, very limited small character marks, pin knots or mineral streaks. There are no stains, checks or splits allowed in the Select & Better grade and it is the highest grade available to you.

Select grade shows more variation in the natural colouring and grain of the wood, and allows for small character markings, pin knots and mineral streaks. This grade is most often the preferred choice for builders. Some stains, checks and splits are allowed in the Select grade.

Specifications: species – Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra), relative hardness – 1290, thickness – 3/4″, widths available: 3 1/4″ and 4 1/4″, grade – Select & Better, finish – 50% Semi Gloss.