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Silicone Vapor Shield


Reg: $20 / box/unit

  • Silicone Vapor Shield protects hardwood flooring from sub-floor moisture.
  • SVS meets the NWFA’s guidelines for a vapor retarder – which significantly reduces the risk of cupping.
  • SVS protects the house environment – by not off-gassing hazardous VOCs.
  • SVS does not contain tar or petroleum-based waxes.
  • SVS does not decay after installation – maintains effectiveness as a vapor barrier.
  • During installation allows planks to slide easily – tear resistant.
  • SVS is the only underlayment that can be used over radiant heat.
  • 100% recycled USA paper.

Specifications: coverage per roll – 400 sq. ft., weight per roll – 11.5 lbs, made in the USA.