Preverco Yellow Birch Inspiration Caicos Wave


Reg: $ / sq.f

The natural colours of yellow birch lend it unique charm. Yellow birch has a grain that is similar to maple’s and is highly sought after in furniture and flooring.

Brown-greys have a both classic and original charm. Their warm tones are tastefully daring.

The Wave texture produces a striking wavy effect reminiscent of craftsmanship.

Specifications: specie – Yellow Birch (Betula spp.), relative hardness – 1260, thickness – 3/4″ (SolidClassic, SolidGenius) or 1/2″ (Engenius, PreLoc), widths – SolidClassic: 3-1/4″ or 4-1/4″, SolidGenius: 5-3/16″, Engenius: 3-1/4″ or 5-3/16″, PreLoc: 3-7/16″ or 5-3/16″, grade – Nuance, finish – Wave, Mat (10°), 35-Year Limited Residential Warranty.