Missouri Unfinished Walnut Select & Better


Reg: $ / sq.f

A luxurious wood with a stately feel. Walnut can be very dark with a chocolate colour in the heartwood to a light cream colour in the sapwood. It has fantastic grain patterns and figures. Highly prized for its beauty.

The Select & Better grade has moderate colour variation in tones of cream to dark brown in the same board and between boards. White sapwood sections covering up to 15% of the board surface are acceptable. Large knots are absent, well-scattered, small sound knots up to 5 mm (3/16″) in diameter and tiny pin knots 3 mm (1/8″) in diameter are also acceptable. Mineral streaks are medium-sized and well-distributed, no longer than 150 mm (6″). Checks and other imperfections from the manufacturing process are rejected. A limited number of well-scattered, repaired small pith marks 25 mm (1″) in length is allowable. The Select & Better grade provides for an ideal base for natural finish coatings.


Specifications: Latin name – Juglans nigra, relative hardness – 1010, thickness – 3/4″, widths available: 2 1/4″ 4″ and 5″.