Missouri Unfinished Walnut #1 & 2 Common Mix


Reg: $ / sq.f

A luxurious wood with a stately feel. Walnut can be very dark with a chocolate colour in the heartwood to a light cream colour in the sapwood. It has fantastic grain patterns and figures. Highly prized for its beauty.

The #1 & 2 Common Mix grade contains very pronounced colour variation in the same board and between boards. Sapwood and heartwood acceptable without restriction. All natural hues generally present in this grade. Sound knots and tiny pin knots of any size are acceptable. Repaired open knots 19 mm (3/4″) in diameter are also acceptable without limitation. Mineral streaks and stains are acceptable in unlimited numbers. A small number of small repaired checks is acceptable in the compression around knots. Repaired pith marks are acceptable in unlimited numbers.


Specifications: Latin name – Juglans nigra, relative hardness – 1010, thickness – 3/4″, widths available: 2 1/4″ 4″ and 5″.