Lauzon Designer Collection International Series Black Walnut Natural


Reg: $ / sq.f

For unmatched beauty in hardwood flooring, our Designer Collection with its range of unique floors, will appeal to the most demanding aesthetic taste. Whether you want a floor with traditional or historic cachet or one that is ultramodern, we have an extraordinary collection of beautiful domestic and exotic woods that will enhance any décor.

Our International Series celebrates the world’s premium hardwoods. From the rich caramel brown with black striping of Tigerwood to the subtle red tones of finely–textured African Sapele, our exotic species flooring provides excellent durability, functionality and stunning beauty. You can take comfort knowing that we only source international species that are responsibly harvested in full compliance with the Lacey Act of the United States.

Specifications: specie – Black Walnut (Juglans spp.), relative hardness – 1010, thickness – 1/2″, widths: 3-1/4″ Micro-V, 3-1/4″ Square Edge & 3-1/4″ Herringbone (Micro-V or Square Edge), grade – International, finish – Semi-Gloss, Titanium (Pure Genius optional), 35-year warranty. Installation – nail-down or glue-down.