Lauzon Ambiance Collection Atlantis Series – Écho Texture Beech Épic


Reg: $ / sq.f.

The soothing comfort of an endless beach

The pristine, yet ever changing beauty of a windswept sandy beach are captured in our Atlantis series. It evokes the rhythm of the tides and the gentle ocean breezes that sculpt subtle patterns along the shore, as if on an artist’s tracing paper. The sun, the clouds, the moon and the stars play with light, tone and texture: from pearl to sandy blond through soothing and warm browns. Like the grains of the sand, the delicate grain and new Écho texture of these beech floors transports you to a place of natural well-being.

Specifications: specie – Beech (Fagus spp.), relative hardness – 1300, thickness – 7/16″ (Multi-Length) or 3/4″ (Expert), widths – Multi-Length: 5-3/16″ (Micro-V), Expert: 4-1/4″ (Micro-V), grade – Character, texture – Écho, finish – Titanium w/Pure Genius, Pearl Lustre, 30-Year Residential Warranty. Installation – nailed, stapled, glued or floated.