Kronotex Robusto Harbour Oak Dark

Kronotex Robusto – HARBOUR OAK DARK

SKU: 3573.

Reg: $3.19 / sq.f. Sale: $2.49 / sq.f.

Save: $0.7 / sq.f.

There are situations in life where one needs a thick skin. Where one has to be very resilient and tough. Which is why Robusto is also the perfect floor for extreme levels of use. With its high-density, 12 mm thick fiber board and an especially wear-resistant surface, it can cope with pretty much anything to which it is exposed. Even if used for commercial purposes. Its Clic tongue-and-groove connection system will never disappoint in any situation as it was specially developed to hold up under the highest pressure.

Specifications: Thickness: 12 mm; length: 1,375 mm; width: 188 mm; sq. ft in carton = 13.91; AC5 commercial-rated finish w/30-year residential warranty. Made in Germany.