Hardwood Canada Quiet Black M. D.


Reg: $0.99 / sq.f Sale: $0.50 / sq.f

Save: $0.49 / sq.f

Quiet Black M. D. underlayment is an advanced synthetic acoustical membrane and cushion designed for modern engineered hardwood and laminate floors. It improves comfort while reducing perceived impact and noise associated with floating floors.

  • Quiet Black underlay makes walking on hardwood floors a comfortable walking experience
  • Aluminium-lined seal provides thermal insulation against radiant heat loss
  • The addition of Quiet Black underlay acts as a cushion, by reducing the felt impact of walking
  • Conceals minor subfloor irregularities
  • Resists mold, mildew and fungus growth
  • Can be used under nail-down or floating floors

Specifications: thickness – 3 mm, coverage – 100 sq. ft./roll, sound rating – IIC 73, STC 72.