Goodfellow Original Birch 3-1/4″ x 3/4″ Classic **220 SQ FT**


Reg: $4.49 / sq.f Sale: $2.69 / sq.f

Save: $1.8 / sq.f

**CLEARANCE DETAILS**: 11 boxes or 220 sq. ft. remaining. Discontinued line. Boxes never opened, but may show signs of long-term storage. Sold as skid ONLY. Final sale!

Goodfellow Original Flooring Collection offers a quality hardwood floor that adds warmth elegance, and increases the value of your home. Because of its ease of maintenance, it allows you to have the healthiest of living environments. For natural or more contemporary effects Goodfellow offers a wide selection of species, classes, colours, and dimensions that will harmonize perfectly with your decor. The natural durability of wood and the expertise that Goodfellow has developed over the years ensure the durability and the longevity of your floor. The Goofellow finish has a very high resistance to wear.

The sapwood in Yellow Birch is creamy yellow or pale white; heartwood is light reddish brown tinged with red. Medium figuring, straight, closed grain, even texture. Occasional curly grain or wavy figure in some boards.

Specifications: specie – Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis), relative hardness – 1260, thickness – 3/4″, width: 3-1/4″. Made in Canada.