Finitec EX-Duo+Professional Finish



EX-Duo+ is specially designed for commercial floors.It is a two-component finish that offers a supreme resistance and fully cured in 7 days.EX-Duo+enhances the beauty of wood without yellowing over time.


  • Waterborne
  • Non-toxic and low VOC
  • Quick drying and odorless
  • Can be applied with a 10 mm roller
  • Can be applied with a T-Bar
  • The most resistant of the industry
  • Can be applied over an old oil or water based finish
  • Non-yellowing

Specifications:Size–3.64 L or 18 L;Luster–Semi-gloss(60%),Satin(25%);Drying Time–3-4 hours(between coats),7 Days(Full Cure).Made in Canada.