DMX 1-Step Universal Underlayment


Reg: $0.79 / sq.f.

DMX 1-Step Underlayment is the most advanced underlayment in the market! Unlike competing underlayments, DMX 1-Step has a complete vapour seal at the joints, so that moisture cannot migrate to your finished floors and damage them. It does not use a tongue and groove connection that can be compromised by moisture permeability. The irradiated foam provides cushioned comfort, and keeps your finished floors warm to the touch while keeping a gap from the cold damp concrete floor. Laminate flooring (greater than 10 mm) and engineered flooring can be laid down directly on DMX 1-Step, so you save almost 1″ on the clear height of your basement. All great flooring projects start with DMX 1-Step. NO underlayment even comes close!! Lab tested. Contractor Approved!

DMX 1-Step combines the unique advantages of an air gap membrane, which creates a 1/4 inch gap between your expensive finished floors and the concrete slab so that moisture can evaporate easily.

  • DMX 1-Step can be installed with a simple utility knife, it does not require any band saws or circular saws for cutting.
  • DMX 1-Step has the highest STC Rating (66) and IIC Rating (69) of any dimpled membrane on the market.
  • Roll Size – 44″ x 30′
  • Compression strength – 6000 psf

Specifications: dimple height – 5/16″ (8 mm), coverage – 100 sq. ft., sound rating – IIC 69, STC 66, weight – 9 kg.