Coswick Heritage Collection Thermo Ash – BROWN MALT


Reg: $ / sq.f.

The best specimen of old age, artistic freedom and nowadays cutting-edge technologies served as a basis of Heritage collection of the hardwood flooring by Coswick.

The Hardwax Oil finish is an eco-friendly finish that is based on natural oils and wax. Pores seem open; this effect emphasizes the deep texture relief. Hardwood flooring with Hardwax Oil finish freely absorbs and emits the moisture, helping to maintain the healthy micro-climate inside of the room.

Specifications: specie – White Ash (Fraxinus spp.); thickness – 5/8″ (3-Layer CosLoc 5G); width: 5″; grade – 1 Common; finish – Hardwax Oil, 25-Year Residential Warranty. Made in Belarus.