Coswick Exotic Collection American Walnut Traditional



Exotic Collection features flooring manufactured from American Walnut.The wood of this specie has original structure,depth of texture and colour.The resulting flooring  has a captivating earthly look and a very warm feel.

American Walnut Traditional flooring comes with factory applied lacquer semi-gloss CosNanoTech+finish,that is built from 12 coats of top quality sealers and compounds with aluminum oxide added for extra durability.Crosslinked nano particles are used to increase finish elasticity and maintain high wear resistance.CosNanoTech+finish has a 25-year finish warranty.

Exotic Collection is available as 2-layer engineered T&G flooring,and 3-layer CosLoc 5G flooring.

Specifications: specie–American Walnut (Juglans spp.),thickness–1/2″(2-layer engineered T&G)and 5/8″(3-layer engineered CosLoc 5G),widths available:4-1/4″,5″or 6-1/4″,grade–Traditional,finish –Lacquer,Semi-Gloss,25-year Residential Warranty