Coswick Classic Collection American Walnut – CLASSIC


Reg: $ / sq.f.

Classic hardwood flooring collection allows creating different cases of living and public interiors. Soft and tender elegance of this collection bring colour and personal touch to your interior, filling it with harmony.

All twelve tones of the classic hardwood flooring are represented in 3-layer single-strip boards and 3-layer single-strip boards with CosLoc 5G lock joint.

Specifications: specie – American Walnut (Juglans spp.); thickness – 1/2″ (2-Layer T&G), 5/8″ (3-Layer CosLoc 5G) or 3/4″ (3-Layer T&G); widths: 4-1/4″ (2-Layer T&G), 5″ (3-Layer T&G, 3-Layer CosLoc 5G), 6-1/4″ (3-Layer CosLoc 5G) or 7-1/2″ (3-Layer T&G or 3-Layer CosLoc 5G), grade – 1 Natur, finish – Lacquer CosNanoTech+ or Silk Oil, 25-Year Residential Warranty. Made in Belarus.