BSL Signature Birch 4-1/4″ x 3/4″ Cigar


Reg: $4.85 / sq.f. Sale: $3.99 / sq.f.

Save: $0.86 / sq.f.

Signature BSL floors are manufactured by experienced personnel in a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility using an exclusive and rigorous process. Also they stand out by their quality, their durability and their aesthetics quite incomparable. Extremely rigorous quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process is your guarantee of satisfaction.

Signature BSL floors are coated with high-quality varnish, which ensures superior resistance to water infiltration, stains and burns and, therefore, maximum durability.

Specifications: specie – Birch (Betula spp.), thickness – 3/4″, width – 4-1/4″, finish – 45% Gloss abrasive resistant aluminum oxide UV varnish, 25-Year Residential Warranty.