Bruce Turlington Lock&Fold Oak Natural


Reg: $ / sq.f.

Dundee features select and premium grade Appalachian oak for solid hardwood floors with fewer streaks, knots and flaws. Lower priced competitors use lower grade hardwoods, leading to shorter boards, more flaws and more waste.

Solid oak is the standard for hardness and is ideal for busy rooms and active homes. A multi-layer Dura-Luster Plus urethane finish with aluminum oxide resists everyday traffic, wear, soil and stains.

Specifications: specie – Oak (Quercus spp.), thickness – 3/8″, widths: 3″, lengths: 10″ to 48″, finish – Dura-Luster Plus Urethane, Low Gloss, 25-year Residential Warranty. Installation – Lock&Fold (with or without glue).