Bona ClassicSeal–Waterborne Wood Floor Sealer



Bona ClassicSeal is an exceptionally clear waterborne sealer that highlights the natural color of the wood,minimizes grain raise and tannin bleed.Provides a build layer and prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood surface.Formerly known as BonaSeal.

Key Benefits:

  • Seals the wood,preventing the finish from penetrating
  • Minimizes tannin bleed,especially on white oak
  • Reduces tendency for side-bonding
  • Improves flow and leveling of finish coats
  • Exceptionally clear,highlighting true color of wood
  • Virtually odorless and nonflammable
  • VOC Compliant
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified


Specifications:size–1 US gallon(3.79 L);coverage–500-600 sq.ft.per gallon;drying time–approx.2-3 hours;colour–milky white (wet).

Technical Data Sheet