Bona Wire Brush Kit

SKU: AT0003018.

Reg: $799 / box/unit

Used with Bona FlexiSand Power Drive, the Bona Wire Brush gets down into the grain to create texture and unique colour dimensions.

Kit includes five (5) wire brushes, Dust Shroud and Drive Pad for hand tool, Power Drive XL Dust Skirt, Protective Gloves, Wire Brush Corner Tool, and Wire Brush Removal Tool. All components are available for separate purchase.

Key Benefits:

  • Durable, easy-to-use wire brushes for use on-site with both newly installed and refinished floors.
  • Allows for close proximity to walls for minimized edge work and blending issues.
  • Removes soft grain leaving the more durable hard grain, providing a natural texture and look to the floor.

Technical Data Sheet

Instructional Video