Appalachian Special FX Hard Maple – LIMESTONE


Reg: $ / sq.f.

Appalachian have pushed beyond the limits of traditional creativity to give birth to visionary styles that have to be seen to be believed. From metallic coatings to Ultra-Matte finishes, the Special FX Collection uses real metallic pigments in a special double-layered staining finishing process to creat wood floors with the look and shine of stainless steel.

Specifications: specie – Hard Maple (Acer spp.), relative hardness – 1,450 (Janka), thickness – 3/4″ (solid) or 1/2″ (engineered), widths: 3-1/4″ (solid) or 5″ (engineered), grade – Prestige or Excel, finish – Ultra-Matte with Evershine, 35-Years Warranty.