Solid Hardwood Flooring

Explore a wide variety of hardwood flooring to suit a variety of spaces, style preferences and personalities. Our store features some of the best products from top brands at unbeatable prices.

Uses, Species, Types and Brands

Hardwood is a classic flooring material that is a favourite among homeowners. There are different colours, textures and species used to manufacture superior quality floor planks of different grades.

Some advantages of hardwood flooring include:

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Beauty
  • Luxurious and sophisticated style
  • Variety of species
  • Different textures, graining and stains
  • Unique look

Hardwood can be used for many purposes besides flooring. Some popular uses include:

  • Making sports equipment like hockey sticks which are usually made from hickory
  • Boats made from hardwoods like teak and mahogany
  • The best quality wooden furniture is made from hardwood

Its many uses make hardwood indispensable. For the flooring industry, the best quality woods come from species harvested from sustainable forests. The logs are then sawn in different styles, like rift-sawn, flat-sawn and quarter-sawn, to get different graining patterns. At our flooring store in Toronto, we have many top brands whose products you can explore. Armstrong, Bruce Hardwood Floors and Hardwood Canada are some of the top brands in the GTA. Our clients will find a wide variety of collections from these brands in store.

You also get different textures like glossy, sheen, rustic, hand scraped, distressed and many more. The best thing about hardwood is that you can stain it any colour, from white to earthy browns and even black, thus getting the look best suited to your home.

Discover the best brands and hardwood species to suit your home as you explore our store.

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