220 Hardwood Flooring European White Oak Collection – ANDROMEDA 8-1/2″ x 3/4″


Reg: $5.99 / sq.f. Sale: $4.69 / sq.f.

Save: $1.3 / sq.f.

The 220 line is the most innovative line that Biyork has to offer. The engineered wood flooring panels are completed with astonishing width of 220 mm (approx. 8-1/2″) and length of 2,200 mm (approx. 7.2 ft). The extra-large planks provide bold, authentic yet contemporary finishing to your unique space

Compatible with certain types of radiant heating systems.


Specifications: specie – White Oak (Quercus spp.); thickness – 3/4″ w/2.0 mm Hardwood Veneer; width: 220 mm (~8-1/2″); lengths: up to 84″ (average 6 ft); finish – Wirebrushed, UV Finish, 25-Year Residential Warranty. Environmental – FloorScore Certified.

**Limited stock!**