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Engineered hardwood is the perfect affordable alternative to solid wood. It is not only durable but is treated and processed to be more stable than solid wood. Engineered wood flooring can be found in as many variations as conventional hardwood. AA Floors & More offers a wide variety of products in terms of grade, thickness and surface textures. The choices in terms of species, grade, thickness, and surface texture ensure that every buyer can find the best match for their home.

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Engineered hardwood flooring is made of solid wood veneers bonded with several layers of different derivative wood products, making it as durable as certain hardwood species. The variety of colours, styles, and textures available means it can fit into any architecture and interior design. At AA Floors, we have products from numerous notable brands and sell them at the best prices in the GTA. We also have high-quality engineered hardwood made in house. Visit the store during working hours to explore all the products available here.


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We have used AA Floors twice now. Every experience has been great! Mike and Peter were friendly, their prices are great and their selection is huge. We went with their Appalachian Red Oak Floors in Latte. We are super happy with the finish and colour- it's a warm and the finish is the perfect combination of matte with a slight shine. If you are in the market for floors you definitely need to check these guys out!

Amanda Georgakis

Spoke to Alex who was very pleasant and nice. The floors look absolutely incredible and could not be any happier! My one positive idea is just to make sure everyone is being transparent from the start. I was not informed about a restocking fee should I have to return the extra box. In the end, the owner came through for us, which we were very thankful for!

Antonio D

One stop shopping: great selection of products, knowledgable staff, and good installer recommendations. Returns of extra material are a breeze too. I used this place for a number of jobs in all my houses over the years and never been disappointed. I dealt last time Russ and can highly recommend him, he is very professional.

Slav Berezin

What you need to know about installing engineered hardwood

For homeowners who want classic hardwood flooring but are working with a budget, engineered wood is the best alternative. With a top layer of solid wood veneer, these floorboards look and feel exactly like solid hardwood, once installed. The installation process for engineered hardwood depends on the type of floorboards you install and the method you find suitable. AA Floors has all you need for flooring installation under one roof, making it the all-round solution to flooring projects. While installation contractors can give you the best advice about the most suitable installation process, being aware of each method will be helpful:

  • Glue down: As the name suggests, this is a very straightforward method where the engineered floorboards are glued down to the subfloor. This is a very durable and permanent installation method.
  • Floating This is the most popular method of installing engineered hardwood. The tongue and groove system of the floorboards has to be click-locked, and the floor is floated in the subfloor rather than directly attaching it down. This method is great for homes with high humidity and a concrete subfloor.
  • Nail down: Nailing or stapling down the floorboards can be done depending on the thickness and quality of the engineered hardwood you are investing in.

A suitable subfloor like plywood is essential in this case so that the nails can be driven in properly. Engineered hardwood is a cost-effective alternative to solid hardwood that many homeowners opt for. It is durable and processed such that it is comparatively more resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuation.

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    The floorboards will be delivered to your home ahead of time so that they can acclimatize.

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    Well-trained and skilled contractors will install your flooring as soon as possible and perfectly.


Queries Related to Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Which is better: engineered wood or laminate?

    Engineered hardwood is made of wood derivative core and solid wood veneers while laminate is entirely made of plywood and resins. Engineered wood is always a better choice than laminate.

  • What is meant by greater stability?

    Greater stability means the floorboards will react less to heat and temperature fluctuation. Engineered wood is usually more stable than solid wood.

  • Can engineered wood be refinished?

    Refinishing engineered hardwood entirely depends on the thickness of the veneer. If your engineered wood has a veneer that is 2 mm or thicker, it can be sanded more than twice.

  • Does Janka hardness make a difference in choosing engineered wood?

    Janka hardness is an important factor to consider in solid as well as engineered wood. The Janka rating is a guide to choosing the best quality of floorboards based on the wood species.

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