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Hardwood Flooring Trends You’ll Want to Consider

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners. It enhances the aesthetic value of your interior while giving your home a sophisticated appearance. Hardwood is available in wide varieties and is relatively easy to install.

Before purchasing hardwood flooring, here are some of the latest lasting trends worth considering.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian cherry and African mahogany not only sound exotic, they translate to durability. Durable hardness, alluring colors and unique style are the features of exotic hardwood flooring. Vibrant tones and rich shades are the latest addition to trendy hardwood floors. The eye-catching richness of exotic hardwood flooring will make any room stand out.

Gray Tones

Gray hardwood floors have become increasingly popular in recent years. They provide a neutral and give a modern look to your room. This makes them very versatile for any type of interior design.  Choices range from light and dark gray, with all of the shades in between. Installing gray hardwood flooring enhances the room by highlighting the grains and texture of the floor.

Recycled Wood

For an environment friendly option, the lasting trend is to go green and purchase recycled/reclaimed woods. This eco-friendly option involves remanufacturing solid wood from farmhouses, old barns, logs, wood barrels, etc. Reusing the previously manufactured materials is a part of sustainable building practices. Recycled wood reduces the destruction of forests in order to meet rising demands.

Wire Brushed Woods

Wire-brushed wood is proving to be of high demand for consumers. Natural grains of the wood are exposed with the help of a wire-brush to give it a fine and rich texture. The dramatic appearance of the wire-brushed floor helps to cover-up scratches, scrapes and chips from everyday use. This type of wood is most popular among pet owners as scratches from paws are less noticeable.

Oiled Floors

The latest addition to hardwood flooring is oiled floors. Oiled floors are coated with oil named Rubio Monocoat, instead of polyurethane, to give a unique texture to the floor. These floors have a duller finish, but give a natural look to the room. They are easy to maintain and scratches can easily be repaired by applying more oil.

Different types of hardwood flooring are a great way of experimenting with the look of your home. Recently there has been significant increase in the use of natural looking and textured flooring. Pick hardwood that best reflects your taste and style. All homeowners and homes are different but ultimately the floor is the stepping ground of home décor.