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    Hardwood has always been a classic flooring favourite choice. The beauty and benefits associated with it last for generations and increases the resale value of your home in the long run. AA Floors and More LTD specializes in providing and installing a wide variety of hardwood flooring. You can find numerous species, textures, finishes and grades of hardwood in Toronto from when you visit us—all under one roof.

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    Popular Hardwood Flooring Brands We Offer

    Hardwood flooring can be manufactured from different tree species from all over the world. Among the most popular types of hardwood in Canada, Oak, Maple and Cherrywood top the list. There is a standardized scale to determine the hardness of each species known as the Janka Scale. The harder the wood, the higher is its Janka rating. At AA Floors, we offer a wide variety of hardwood species like Ash, Oak, Hickory, Acacia, Maple and many more. Explore the various brands of hardwood flooring we stock to find the right species and texture of flooring for your home.

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    What You Need To Know About Installing Hardwood

    How well your flooring fares depends largely on the installation method and the skill of the workers. At AA Floors, we provide installation services along with the flooring to ensure you have a complete solution under one roof.

    Depending on the species of the wood you have chosen, the structure of the floorboards and the subfloor you have, the installation procedure will vary accordingly. The experts at the store can advise you best on the best method to install it after assessing your flooring situation. The following are the primary hardwood installation methods you will come across:
    • Nail down- The floor planks are nailed or stapled to the plywood subfloor. This is the traditional installation method and a durable option.
    • Glue down- The planks are glued to a suitable underlayment placed over the subfloor. Once dried, it is very difficult to remove and this is also a procedure that can be rather messy.
    • Floating- The planks have tongues and grooves and are fitted together and floated on the subfloor. This is the quickest and simplest installation process there is.

    Hardwood flooring is a classic choice that lasts for generations making it a worthy investment. If you are located in Toronto and require hardwood flooring and/or installation services, give us a call at (416) 201-9611 to get a free consultation from our experts. You can also visit our store during business hours.

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    Types & Variants Of Hardwood Available

    Get Hardwood Flooring in Toronto in Numerous Finishes and Textures

    Variety of hardwood flooring textures and finishes:

    There are many hardwood textures and finishes, each imparts a unique look to your home:
    • Matte- does not reflect light
    • Glossy- reflective and slightly slippery
    • Distressed- slight irregularities and imperfections are deliberately kept visible for an artistic look
    • Hand scraped- irregularities are created by hand scraping the floorboard, imparting a unique look
    • Unfinished- the floorboards are not pre-finished and buyers have to the flexibility to finish them on-site.


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