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Mar 18
Hardwood Vs. Cork Flooring- Which is of Better Value

Hardwood vs. Cork- Which Is the Better Value?

As you search for the best flooring options for your home, you may wonder about the overall value of the materials. These days, there are innumerable choices regarding material, style, finish and design that makes filter […]

Mar 14
How To Determine the Best Flooring for a Home Studio

How to Determine the Best Flooring for a Home Studio?

A well-designed and properly equipped studio at home can be the breeding ground for exceptional painting, sculpture, photography, music or dance videos. No wonder many YouTubers have their professional home studio which […]

Feb 13
What Are The Best Flooring Materials For Your Basement

What Are the Best Flooring Materials for Your Basement?

Most basements are below grade which means they are partially or completely underground. This leads to numerous problems which make flooring installation tricky. They are dark and damp and can get flooded at times if the […]

May 18
AA Floors Blog Post Featured Image

4 Popular Flooring Options for a Minimalist Home

Modern homes are embracing a minimalistic approach to their home décor. De-cluttering the whole setup and streamlining the interior design is the latest trend. The same trend is being incorporated into the flooring as we […]