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We have been serving customers across the GTA as a leadingflooringretailer for many years.In that time,we’ve built a reputation for providing exceptional products and customer service in both residential and commercial sectors.

  • We maintain a large inventory of prefinished and unfinished products from the most popular brands.
  • Our selection includes the widest variety ofhardwood,engineered wood,laminate,cork,bamboo,andvinylfloor products.
  • Our installers are all certified professionals with years of experience.
  • We use some of the best tools to make sure that your project is done perfectly.
  • We offer the best prices in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions&Answers on Flooring

  1. What is the difference between residential and commercial flooring?

The basic difference between these two types of floors is their density or hardness.Commercial products are constructed in a way that they can withstand lots of heavy foot traffic which is common in an industrial setting.Since more foot pressure is exerted,a commercial product is built stronger than a standard residential product and can last twice or thrice as long.Commercial products are also more expensive as a result.

  1. How to measure my floor space?

The right way to measure the room is from wall to wall.Make sure that you take the longest point in each direction into consideration when measuring.Round up the final dimensions to the highest number.If your room must have a closet and you want an optimal visual flow in the space,don’t forget to include its dimensions in your calculations too.

  1. How to take care of my floor?

Regular cleaning can extend the life and appearance of your product.Depending on the material,you can follow these maintenance tips.


  • Dust or sweep daily and vacuum on a weekly basis.
  • Use a commercial hardwood cleaner for deep cleaning every month.
  • Sand and refinish every decade.

Other Tips:Protect from water damage by wiping off spills immediately.Don’t wet mop or use cleaners that are not suitable for the material.


  • Sweep yourlaminate wood flooringwith a dry microfibre mop or use a vacuum set on the wood floor setting regularly.
  • Slightly dampen the mop and spray a suitable commercial cleaner on it to clean the surface weekly.Scrape off the dust and debris from the dry mop if you use the same for damp mopping.

Other Tips:Laminates are susceptible to water and moisture damage.Don’t use a sponge mop as it can hold lots of water.Wipe off or blot up spills immediately.Never use bleach,abrasive cleaners or other chemicals to clean this material.


  • Vacuum or dry mop daily to remove dust and dirt.
  • Follow up with a damp mopping.
  • For a deep cleaning,you can use a commercial cleaner or make a DIY cleaner with apple cider vinegar and hot water.

Other Tips:Until yourvinyl flooractually needs a deep cleaning,damp mopping it with plain water is sufficient.


  • Sweep or vacuum on a regular basis.If you use a vacuum cleaner,make sure you don’t use beater bars.
  • Use a commercial hardwood cleaner for general cleaning.

Other Tips:Soak up spills with a dry towel or a mop immediately.Don’t use wax-based products,ammonia-based cleaners,harsh detergents,acrylic finishes,bleach or acidic materials like vinegar onsolid bamboo flooring.

Depending on the quality and manufacturing process of the product you choose for your home or commercial space,our team will provide you with a complete care and maintenance guide.Contact us for the finest quality ofhardwood flooring in Torontoor other floor-related products and equipment.