Aug 19

How to Choose the Best Cork Flooring for Your Home

Cork has been a popular underlayment material for a long time. If you want a flooring that is soft underfoot and long lasting, opt for cork. Toronto-based flooring stores offer many products so you can find the best matc […]

Aug 14

How to Make Laminate Flooring Work in Your Basement

Choosing the right flooring for your basement and other areas of your house where humidity fluctuates must be done with care. The aim is to make sure the flooring lasts a long time and does not get damaged by moisture. I […]

Aug 9
Solutions to Luxury Vinyl Tiles Flooring Problems

3 Problems with Luxury Vinyl and Their Solutions

Vinyl is an affordable and beautiful flooring material, provided you choose luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or planks. Unlike conventional vinyl sheets and planks, these are more durable and have a realistic surface texture tha […]

Jul 17

Cork Flooring as a Natural Soundproofing Solution

Is your home noisy? Are your children cranky? Are you finding it difficult to focus on work? If you’re looking for an acoustic flooring option to curb noise, cork tiles are an excellent option. While there are several wa […]