Jun 21

12 Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Flooring

The foremost decision to be made while undertaking a flooring installation project in your home is the material you want to invest in. From hardwood and vinyl to cork and laminate flooring, there are many choices availab […]

Jun 13

16 Clever Ways to Make Hardwood Flooring Pet-Friendly

Many homeowners picture their house with solid hardwood flooring which is one of the most luxurious materials available. But when you have a furry four-legged friend roaming around the house, this is not the wisest choic […]

Jun 10

How to Choose the Right Flooring for Rental Properties

When you have a property that you rent out, a lot of thought must be put into its maintenance to keep it in the best condition so that you get tenants easily. The key is to furnish and equip the home with beautiful, low […]