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Why You Need an Underlay When Installing Wood Flooring

If you’re researching floor installations, you’ve probably come across the term underlay. Installing an underlay can lead to a successful floor installation. Having an underlay can lead to a classic finish and to a high-performance from your wooden floors. Paying extra attention to this detail is crucial for a successful flooring installation. Underlays are one of the elements that can add assurance to your wood floors. So, needless to say, underlays can’t be missed if you’re thinking of Read more [...]

Wide Plank Wood Flooring: Characteristics, Benefits & Drawbacks

Wide plank wood flooring is an evergreen favourite that offers a distinct visual appeal. This classic flooring option has an old charm that enhances the beauty of your home’s interior design. Be it traditional or contemporary décor, wide plank wood flooring is a diverse flooring solution ideal for all décor styles. Though this flooring option has versatile applications, it is not fit to be used at all locations due to its limitations. Many homeowners lack information of wide plank flooring Read more [...]

Oil VS Polyurethane Finished Wood Floors

Whether you have traditional oak hardwood floors or engineered hardwood floors, selecting the best floor finish is critical. Many factors should be considered when choosing the finish, such as durability, appearance, scratch resistance, etc. When talking about finishes for wood floors, polyurethane (both water-based and oil-based) is among the most popular choices. But recently, oil finished wood floors have made a comeback. With the increased demand for reclaimed wood floors, oiled finishes have Read more [...]