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Jun 21

12 Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Flooring

The foremost decision to be made while undertaking a flooring installation project in your home is the material you want to invest in. From hardwood and vinyl to cork and laminate flooring, there are many choices availab […]

May 10
Why Does Vinyl Flooring Discolour and How to Prevent It

Why Does Vinyl Flooring Discolour and How to Prevent It?

Irrespective of the texture or colour you choose for your new vinyl flooring, it might develop an unsightly yellowish stain that can be very hard to remove. Even if the floor is spotless, it can still appear dirty becaus […]

Apr 4
Top 4 problems with vinyl flooring and their solutions

Top 4 Problems with Vinyl Flooring and Their Solutions

Noted as one of the most affordable flooring options, vinyl is loved by many homeowners for the variety in style, texture, and design available in this material. These days, we have luxury vinyl tiles and planks which ca […]

Jan 18
Vinyl sheet flooring VS Vinyl tiles - Everything You Should Know

What You Need to Know About Vinyl Sheets and Tiles

The beauty, durability and versatility of vinyl make it a popular flooring option. There are many advantages associated with it which make it a preferred choice for residential and commercial buildings. Available in […]