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Jul 17

Cork Flooring as a Natural Soundproofing Solution

Is your home noisy? Are your children cranky? Are you finding it difficult to focus on work? If you’re looking for an acoustic flooring option to curb noise, cork tiles are an excellent option. While there are several wa […]

Oct 8
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The 6 Benefits of Choosing Cork Flooring

Cork is slowly becoming a popular flooring choice because of its durability and comfort. It’s a natural and renewable material that’s extracted from the bark of cork oak trees. This versatile choice is suitable for every […]

May 11

Everything You Need to Know About Cork Flooring – Part I

Cork flooring has recently gained a lot of popularity among owners of residential and commercial properties. Since it’s harvested from the bark of living cork oak trees which makes it a renewable resource, cork has e […]

Apr 19

How to Safely Clean Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a stylish and durable choice for any residential and commercial space. It’s soft and warm underfoot and has a positive environmental impact because of its natural and renewable composition. Cork is a […]