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6 Myths about Bamboo Flooring Busted

Beautiful to look at and durable, bamboo flooring is one of the preferred flooring options for a home. It has an array of advantageous features but, still, you may find on the Internet misconceptions about the benefits it provides. After coming across such myths, it makes sense to have second thoughts when considering bamboo floorings for your home. But, do you know which characteristics are true and which are false? To help you in your decision, we will explain some of the most common myths Read more [...]

Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a relatively new concept for homeowners worldwide. Many homeowners still feel uncertain in selecting it for their homes. They have many doubts and questions which keep them from considering bamboo floor installation. To clear those doubts, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about bamboo flooring. Where can I install bamboo flooring in my home? Ans. Bamboo is a versatile flooring material that can be installed in any room with a flat and smooth Read more [...]

Bamboo Flooring or Cork Flooring – What’s Your Choice?

Both bamboo and cork make for interesting flooring options. Less common than laminate or hardwood flooring, these options have their own pros and cons. If you are considering either option, then read on because this post will be going over what you can expect from each. Are you looking for a soft feel or scratch resistance in your flooring? If you want soft flooring, then you will love the feel of cork flooring as its made from spongy material. Walking or standing on this type of flooring Read more [...]

What can Make Bamboo Flooring a Costly Choice

Bamboo floors are winning the hearts of homeowners in terms of their attractiveness, low maintenance and durability. They are a good choice for those who want to breathe in a hygienic environment; those who want an eco-friendly abode. Besides, if you have a restricted budget, then bamboo floor installation is possible within your capacity than other options. However, there are other factors too, that affect the price. Look at some aspects that will determine the price you have to pay for these floors. Quality: Read more [...]

Bamboo Floors – Give Your Home a Makeover

Are you planning to renovate your home and give it a stunning look? Do you want to choose an attractive flooring option for different rooms? If yes, then bamboo floors are a good choice amongst homeowners who are looking for attractive, durable and affordable option. These floors are easy to clean and maintain thus making them a popular choice for every home. They are a great combination of style with beauty and mostly found in modern houses. You can install bamboo floors in living room or kitchen Read more [...]