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Factors to Consider When Choosing Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an affordable alternative to hardwood and has gained popularity over the years. This material is based with composite wood particles and finished with photographed laminate imaging on the surface. The underlayment plays a vital role in how well the flooring will sustain heavy traffic and enhance the insulation. This post highlights certain factors about underlayment you must consider to ensure you get the best results when choosing laminate flooring. Types of Underlayment There Read more [...]

5 Suggestions for Choosing the Right Hardwood Stains

Flooring has a major influence on the overall aesthetics of your home. Therefore, you can’t afford to go wrong with the process of staining, since it can be time-consuming and expensive. Also, you can’t alter the results once it’s done unless you are willing to redo it entirely and spend all over again. Hence, you shouldn’t rush your decision and instead, ask yourself certain questions before you finalize a shade. This post provides you with five suggestions that are beneficial to help Read more [...]

How to Choose the Right Adhesive for Your Flooring

Flooring adhesives are difficult to differentiate for the average buyer, due to the various technical terms and chemical compound names they barely recognize. The adhesion properties are varied and each glue is specifically designed for a certain type of flooring material. Gluing is a popular and suitable flooring installation method for vinyl, laminates and engineered hardwood flooring. This post outlines six general features you must consider when choosing adhesives to properly execute the installation Read more [...]

The 6 Benefits of Choosing Cork Flooring

Cork is slowly becoming a popular flooring choice because of its durability and comfort. It’s a natural and renewable material that’s extracted from the bark of cork oak trees. This versatile choice is suitable for every room in your home including the kitchen. There are numerous benefits from installing this type of flooring, which is why it has been a trending option for years. This post outlines the various advantages of cork to help you understand what to expect from the flooring you are Read more [...]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Maple Hardwood Flooring

A lot of homeowners prefer hardwood flooring in their residential spaces because of its classic, elegant, and timeless look. The material is also very durable and provides a luxurious touch to any room when installed. Available in a wide variety of wood species, maple hardwood is popular among homeowners looking for a light-coloured, smooth glamorous floor with low graining. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to maple hardwood as with any other type of hardwood flooring. If you’re Read more [...]

The Pros and Cons of Installing Hardwood in Your Kitchen

The kitchen has evolved to be the heart of a modern home, where you not only cook but also spend time with your family and guests. Being a very important and functional part of your household, it should be beautiful and inviting. This is why when it comes to choosing flooring for your kitchen, you should consider several factors and choose a material that meets your needs. There are several options available for a kitchen. But if you’re looking for the classic and elegant charm of hardwood Read more [...]

The Top 3 Most Suitable Flooring Options for a Child Bedroom

Children have different needs compared to adults and you should keep this in mind when choosing a flooring material for their bedroom. They may spill food and liquids or run and play around with toys. The look and feel of the flooring affect the way they interact with the room. This is why you should consider certain factors such as look, texture, comfort, safety, durability and maintenance. It’s also good to consider the soundproofing qualities of a flooring material when making a purchase Read more [...]

Choosing the Right Flooring Option for Your Sunroom

A sunroom is a great addition to your home but you should remember that it’ll be exposed to external elements such as UV rays and foot traffic. This is why the flooring that you choose for this space should be durable and be able to withstand sun and moisture damage. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing sunroom flooring. Your choice should depend on how you plan to use the room, your needs, aesthetic preference and budget. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some Read more [...]