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Pros and Cons of Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors have become an essential part of the latest flooring trends. Many homeowners like to install dark-coloured hardwood floors for the dramatic and formal look they give to the room. Like with anything though, this flooring option has its own limitations and is not suitable for all types of homes.

If you’re planning to install dark coloured hardwood floors in your home, then consider these pros and cons first.


  • Provides a classic look to the floors and goes well with light-coloured furniture or neutral coloured walls and ceilings
  • Can create bold contrasts with the room décor by using vertical surfaces such as stair risers, cabinets, etc.
  • Gives a cozy feel to the room and can be transformed into a small personal theatre by switching off the lights
  • Are earthier and more natural compared to light coloured hardwood floors because the wooden grains are more clearly visible
  • Absorbs light and is less susceptible to discolouration or fading compared to lighter hardwood boards
  • Enables you to experiment with ‘pop’ colours to brighten your room decor.
  • Helps cover up any dark stains on the floor


  • Makes the room look smaller due to giving a cluttered appearance
  • Complements white or light-coloured furniture, but maintaining light coloured furniture is hard, especially with kids and pets at home
  • Magnifies the cracks and scratches on the floor, especially if the floor has a glossy finish
  • Highlights dust, dirt, food crumbs and pet hair on the floor, thus requiring dusting on a regular basis
  • Is less reflective than light coloured hardwood floors, thus making the room look darker
  • Any damage from water leakage or dampness is difficult to detect on the dark floors
  • Limits your décor options because you can’t style dark coloured furniture and walls with dark coloured floors
  • Can fade irregularly. Areas affected by sunbeams will fade significantly while the areas covered with shade will retain their original colour

Dark hardwood floors are ideal for rooms with fewer footfalls, such as a master bedroom. However, it’s ill advised to install it in high traffic areas such as the kitchen.

If you want to install dark floors, then go for pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring because it provides protection from scratches. If you want to refrain yourself from getting dark hardwood floors, then there are many lighter options available in the hardwood section. Decide on what you need and then choose wisely.