Appalachian Signature Hickory Saddle


Reg: $ / sq.f

This species showcases the most extreme colour variations of any of the species we carry. The sapwood is generally of an off-white colour that can have pink or yellow undertones. The heartwood is of a dark or medium brown. Hickory’s grain pattern varies greatly from one board to the next making for a very lively looking floor. Hickory is considerably denser than Red Oak and Maple which makes it an excellent floor for high traffic areas.

Sapwood and heartwood mixed grade, unlimited mineral streaks permitted, limited sound or patched knots with openings up to 1/8″ permitted.

Specifications: species – Hickory (Carya spp.), relative hardness – 1820, thickness – 3/4″, widths: 2-1/4″ or 3-1/4″, grade – Millrun, finish – Semi-Gloss with Evershine, 35 years warranty.