Appalachian Era Design White Oak Bauhaus Prestige R&Q


Reg: $ / sq.f

The moment you first walk on your new Era Design floor, you will be swept away by the magnetic pull of its organic texture and luxurious beauty. An innovative oil process lets us preserve and protect the rich appearance of the wood without obscuring it beneath an artificial layer.

This species features neutral colored heartwood that varies from light beige to light brown. The sapwood can be paler or greyer. The grain pattern in white oak will be quite apparent due to the difference between the appearance of the open and closed grain. Classic oak patterning including cathedral peaks will be predominant in the Excel grade while vertical linear grain will rule the R&Q Prestige and Advantage grades.

Heartwood only grade, Rift & Quartered boards predominantly, small mineral streaks permitted, ray flecks and small pin knots permitted, average length: best.

Specifications: specie – White Oak (Quercus alba), relative hardness – 1360, thickness – 1/2″ (11.4 mm) & 5/8″ (14.9 mm), width: 4″, 5″ & 6″, grade – Prestige R&Q or Advantage R&Q, finish – Ultra Matte, Era Design Oil, 35 years warranty.