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4 Best Elderly-Friendly Flooring Options

Choosing a flooring option for senior citizens should be done with care. If you have an elderly person in your home, your flooring must have some important characteristics such as slip-resistance, easy maintenance, cushioning and comfort. These features are important because your home’s floor must be safe for the elderly person to walk, clean and maintain or else it can create a safety issue. If you want to give a comfortable home to your senior citizen family member, then consider these 4 elderly Read more [...]

5 Common Flooring Myths Debunked

Floors are an integral part of your home décor. They add the beauty to your home and accentuate the warmth and inviting appeal of your home’s interiors. To make them look more elegant and well-maintained, selecting a suitable flooring option is necessary. There are several flooring options available such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo and carpet. Each flooring option has different features and offers distinct benefits. However, despite all the advantages, homeowners often have various Read more [...]

Wide Plank Wood Flooring: Characteristics, Benefits & Drawbacks

Wide plank wood flooring is an evergreen favourite that offers a distinct visual appeal. This classic flooring option has an old charm that enhances the beauty of your home’s interior design. Be it traditional or contemporary décor, wide plank wood flooring is a diverse flooring solution ideal for all décor styles. Though this flooring option has versatile applications, it is not fit to be used at all locations due to its limitations. Many homeowners lack information of wide plank flooring Read more [...]

5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has recently become a popular choice among homeowners. It is one of the eco-friendly flooring options available. This ‘green’ flooring is lightweight, durable, natural and aesthetically sound. Unlike many renowned flooring choices, cork flooring is ideal for high traffic areas. These features have made many homeowners consider this sustainable flooring option as an alternative to wood flooring. To celebrate the rapid increase in popularity of an eco-friendly choice, i.e., cork Read more [...]

5 Common Misconceptions about Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood flooring is an affordable alternative to solid hardwood flooring. It offers the beauty and warmth of wood at a reasonable price. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood can be installed in various locations while being assured of its durability. However, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding this flooring option. This versatile flooring option is often misunderstood and its benefits are ignored. To clear the air, here are 5 common myths about engineered Read more [...]

The Best Underlayment for Each Type of Flooring

Underlayment is a layer of a thin material installed between the top layer of the finished floor and the subfloor at the bottom. It is used to cover the imperfections in the subfloor and provide support to the floor covering at the top. The concept of underlayment might be confusing for some homeowners as each type of flooring needs a certain underlayment for the best results. In some cases, the subfloor is sufficient to give a finished look to the floors whereas sometimes the subfloor requires Read more [...]

4 Benefits of Light Hardwood Flooring

Light hardwood floors might not be suitable for every home, but they can be excellent flooring options if you are looking for a rustic appeal. Lighter shades impart a quaint yet charming feel to your home which is something we all need as we move into the cold and dreary winter months. That’s not to say this is the only benefit of light hardwood. In fact, there are 4 important reasons why you should install this flooring option in your home. Creates an illusion of more space A tiny apartment Read more [...]

Tips for Cleaning Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is an extremely durable option for homeowners. It’s eco-friendly and feels softer underfoot than hardwood. People all over the world are going green and becoming eco-friendly. They’re opting to live sustainable lives by using natural resources. This is one of the leading reasons why so many people are choosing green construction materials such as natural fiber carpets and bamboo or cork flooring. We want you to get the longest use out of any flooring choice you make. Here are Read more [...]

Choosing the Best Floor for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom flooring can make or break the overall appearance of your home. It should be practical, durable, comfortable and attractive. However, choosing the right flooring can prove to be a rather difficult task. Hence, it is important to do proper research to know for sure which flooring will best serve your interests. There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your bathroom. Before making a final decision, read the following pointers. They’ll help Read more [...]

Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Floors during the Summer

Hardwood flooring is considered to be among the best flooring options available. A lot of people truly appreciate the durability and the beauty of hardwood. It is something that is not difficult to decorate, which is why people are choosing hardwood flooring for their home. But during the summers when the sun is blazing hot, you might want to go through the following tips to better maintain your hardwood floors Using a Dehumidifier Humidity levels are very high during the summer months. High Read more [...]